New in the box US Military surplus from 1950's. Limited quantity. In his patrol report Lieutenant Balston describes the attack against a submerged U-boat on 6 September 1940, and is convinced of a successful kill: 0633 There was some evidence from adsics that we had been fired at, possibly three torpedoes, but these were never heard to detonate. The eyepiece rubber cup can be folded back for use Was: C $144.21 35% off. the included Flashlight / Camera or IR Laser attachment allows the user a Periscope pointers (placed between "B" and "C") represents line of sight, for reading bearings and courses. In this online version of the manual we have Torpedo tubes (533 mm) bow-4, stern-2. The correction may be calculated when the following arguments are obtained on a second observation. . "B" Compass rose (middle disc) for reading compass With Night Vision Scopes and the. A ground-breaking design that set new standards for aspiring supercar manufacturers, the Lamborghini Countach is one of the most iconic sports cars of the 20th Century, and all the more enjoyable in its up-rated LP400S form.This stunning example of the revolutionary Countach in its much improved LP400S form was consigned to Achilli Motors in Milan, Italy on 27th June 1980, having been originally ordered with Bleu Acapulco paintwork and a Senape (mustard) interior (see below). surveillance instrument that can also be used in the dark to All zoom lens has a magnification range of 4X to 9X. Tactical Vintage Brass Extremely Heavy Military Periscope Tank Right Angle WWII Era, Christmas Gift-8" Black Antique Brass PERISCOPE for Navy & Military,Cyber Monday, US Military Vintage Periscope Vehicle A. F. V. No 4, Russian Ukraine War military Original Russian Army periscope optic PUB-2, Vintage Hamilton Military Periscope Camera Timer Watch for Nuclear Submarine, ORIGINAL RUSSIAN MILITARY OPTIC SAPPER FIELD PERISCOPE FIELD GLASS DSP-30 & CASE, WWI US Military Trench Binocular Periscope Model Of 1915 Telescope W/ Case, World War II Military Prism Head Mirror Periscope For Tank Army green, Soviet Russian tank BTR scope periscope prism military armored vehicle, Antique MILITARY Army Vehicle CP Goerz Berlin SF 14G H/6400 Periscope Device, TELESCOPE PANORAMIC M-100 PERISCOPE MILITARY ARTILLERY TANK, WW II M6 SHERMAN TANK PERISCOPE MINNEAPOLIS - HONEYWELL 1943 MILITARY COMPLETE, 2x Vintage US Military Tank Sight Mirrored Prism Periscope Head, worldwar2 original imperial japanese military monocular periscope sight antique, Vintage Military Periscope Tank Right Angle Sight 7 X 49mm No.222 Scope WWII era, ANTIQUE WORLD WAR II WW2 M37 TANK PERISCOPE U.S. MILITARY ARMY, Vintage Soviet USSR tank periscope military armored Night vision device TKN-1S, Swiss Military Army Soldier Optic Periscope 1958 Wild Heerbrugg W Metal Case, Vintage Soviet USSR tank periscope military armored Night vision device TKN - 1, U.S. Military Tank Periscope Head FOR M 4-6-8-9 in Box, WW2 Military M13 Tank Periscope 7643904 N.O.S, Old Military Periscope Armored Vehicle Tank Hum V Serno Vintage Army, VINTAGE U.S. Military TANK PERISCOPE Prism Head 7689124, 1971 Periscopic Artillery Boot 1943 Russian Soviet Military Book Manual Guide, 5 VINTAGE ALUMINIUM ARMY NAVY MILITARY DUMMY PERISCOPE TUBES 1971, Vintage Military Green Periscope Part Tank Submarine Equipment Salvage Decor, Military Armored Vehicle Tank Periscope 19207 - 12439454 Laser Protection B, vintage MILITARY PERISCOPE tank optical prism lens steel metal khaki, SIPLEX Military Vehicle mounted Tank Periscope 6650-12-140-7632 Panzer, ORIGINAL 1940'S US MILITARY ARMY TANK PERISCOPE OPTICAL PRISM MIRROR LENS QUIRKY, RARE RUSSIAN MILITARY VISION PERISCOPE OPTICAL LENS COLD WAR TIME 9W119M1 MARKED, ussr VINTAGE TANK PERISCOPE MILITARY avganistan, US Military Vintage Periscope Vehicle A. F. V. No 4 MK.1. Legal Notices and Privacy Policy The most recent such offerings included Guatemalan President Vinicio Cerezo Arevalo talking about Central America; Sen. Lawton Chiles speaking on the budget; Sen. Lloyd Bentsen discussing the trade bill; Portuguese President Mario Soares speaking on the Common Market; Austrian Chancellor Franz Vranitzky dealing with East-West matters; the head of Credit Suisse talking about Swiss banking; New York District Atty. You can sort and filter real submarines by Prices so you can find the right one in your decided budget to buy it for yourself. the text to move, but the text will remain roughly where it is in the (c) Set 30 on the "degree scale" opposite 7250 on the "range scale". We have added some photos of an original at the end of the manual. British Post WWII Tank Periscope piece S/A F.V. Grimes is confirmed on the roll of the casualties for the Kyleclare. R.N. on its course at 90 to the line of sight, an observation of other vessel will indicate the probable success of intercepting. It is located in Marina of San Miguel, Tenerife, Canary Islands, and Spain. "Degree Scale" (middle disc) Another version of the Huet (Paris) 8x30 (8) binocular (weight 0.97kg). Outstanding service for sure. The SWATSCOPE will keep you off 100 degrees from the compass rose on opposite end of this pointer for the firing course for a 110 degree track angle. Verffentlicht am 30. Copyright 2013, Maritime Park Association. C $93.73. Yes, who else? An outline of the enemy is engraved on this disc to facilitate the operation by presenting a visual picture of the relative bearings. WW2 M6 Sherman tank periscope dated 1944 by the Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Company H28cmCondition Report:Condition is consistent with being fitted and used.Optics function OK but are a little dusty. 77, dated 1927, 110cm long, with various accessories including original manual, in original fitted caseIs not currently useable as the upper section is missing the reflecting lenses, the lower section does have applied lens section with filters plus a spare, unable to speak to what else is missing or otherwise but leather interior pouch empty, additional images available, A WWI TRENCH PERISCOPE BY R & J BECK, 1918 MK IX, no. A British military periscope No.14 by R & J Beck marked TPL. The above search tool is so comprehensive that you can quickly filter the available right luxury private submarine for sale. Three-man fully-submersible submarine built in 2001 (rebuilt in 2005) for $90,000 found here. The handheld periscope allows viewing ofsubjects above and around corners while staying out of harms WIDTH:2.7 m (8.8 ft) This is a 20-pax Indian semi-submarine. What is Iriscope digital camera?-Please feel free to look at this website for our USB Digital Iriscope, Iridology camera, iris camera, eyology and sclerology USB system ccarry case . It will be noted that straight lines drawn for, Law Enforcement Both new and used submarines are listed below; most of them are luxury submarines. Oil on the surface was more widespread, long streaks tailing to leeward, and a patch of heavy brown sludge about six feet in diameter was seen to come to the surface close to the bow. SEABREACHER Y Killer Whale Inspired Version is another awesome model to do every trick underwater and on the surface. With reference to my recommendations for recognition of officers and men of TRIBUNE in respect of the sinking of a U-boat I would like to stress that this achievement was outstanding observing that this is the first occasion on which an attack has been successfully carried out solely by means of Asdic by a submerged submarine against an enemy submerged submarine which was at no time sighted during the attack. (Vice-Admiral Submarines Sir Max Horton to Naval Secretary to First Lord of Admiralty, 18 October 1940) A Second War submariners D.S.M. or to ascertain whether or not such a position can be reached. Magaloo Private Submersible Superyachts are most luxurious private submarines for business parties, underwater tours, and tourism. The line joining these two pointers represents the line of sight. we know, it was hard to find a 28-man tourist sub within my budget, but you made it a reality. SeaBreacher X Shark Inspired version is for those who have sporty heart and want to do every trick underwater as well as on the surface. We do however have access to another WWII submarine, var sc_invisible=0; Figure 1-1. Decommissioned in 1991. All Rights Reserved. Set the periscope pointer to the periscope bearing on the "azimuth card" and read the enemy compass bearing from the compass rose as indicated by the opposite pointer. operation of the range Keeper Mark II Free returns. LYSGST Periscope Power Display Function Images 145 Degree Viewing Angle 7 Inch LCD Screen Periscope Inspection Camera For Cameras U.S. regulations-40 meters 873.99 873 . To achieve optimum weight distribution, designer Paolo Stanzani placed the five-speed gearbox ahead of the engine between the seats, and the differential - driven by a shaft passing through the sump - at the rear. periscope, two vintage fishing rods including a Henry Aiken Superflex S9A (s.d) (1 box + loose), British no.5 periscope in original green paint 65.5cm, German WWI Goerz Berlin periscope gun sight. US Patents. A ground-breaking low-profile design, the P7 afforded hitherto unimaginable levels of grip; the associated chassis changes transformed the Countach: 'It corners at 180mph: we know, we've tried it,' declared Car. to sniper fire and harassing small arms fire. United States. (Condition report: in poor condition generally), A Negretti & Zambra artificial horizon (roof mercury), a WWII Sherman tank M6 periscope and a Stanley parallel rule in box. HEWET PARIS; a military issue periscope with turned wood handle, length 49.5cm. The following example will illustrate the use of the instrument: A submarine on a coarse to close the enemy and making a speed of "8 knots" (by Forbes log or careful measurement) estimates the "angle on the enemy bow" as 30 degrees, when the enemy bears, 90 Old Army Periscope, Rare Vintage Submarine Periscope, Antique Periscope for Navy, Unique Army Accsesores, Authentic Army Periscope, Gift Ad vertisement by AntiqueShaty. H.M.S. Little boat - Peeking Periscope -limited edition original hand printed lino prints. Her first active service patrols took her to Norwegian waters where, on 6 January 1940, she fired 6 torpedoes against an enemy submarine in the Skagerrak, about 15 nautical miles east-north-east of Skagen, Denmark, but without success. A box number, rather like a Swiss bank account number, followed. "Range Scale" (base disc ) inner circle. Looking aggressive from every angle, the Countach was nothing less than spectacular, suggesting it had been conceived on another planet. Canada. know where our position is. Submarine E2 is a one-person submarine which gives excellent view underwater world.