We will update the site as soon as we hear back from the operators. Why doesnt Silverstone have seating plans of all grandstands, so that when you make an early bird booking,,,,you can select/request yr seats The GA Plus viewing areas are mainly concrete steps that are slightly raised up, usually in front of some grandstands. Luffield Corner use to be the last major turn at Silverstone, but with the circuit alterations a couple of years ago, its actually become a mid lap bend. many thanks. 2. Hi Chris, This area is absolutely buzzing since the circuit revamp, and tickets always sell out months before the race. Id recommend you go along to Saturday practice too if you can. This is a fan favourite as youre always guaranteed to see some overtaking action at the tight left / right chicane of Vale. Hi Tony, Theres a large general admission area at Vale which has had screens in the past. I must say, so far your website has been a god send so a big thank you. If youre specifically looking for uncovered seating Id recommend Vale that looks on to Club Corner. Am thinking of Farm Curve or Vale for the Sun at 250 (but not sure about Vale as you can also go here under GA-is there a difference in this area?) Best Regards Paul. Hi Will you be bringing your own camping equipment or a motor home. Food you are allowed to bring your own food in to Silverstone. Thanks Neil, Hi, Im looking to book the Becketts grandstand for F1 2019. What to expect Camp at Whittlebury, so easy walk to Becketts. This is also my 1st time and i have GA tickets for sat and sun too. Weve never been before, and so want to understand the seating options a little more before spending a lot of money. Hi Lia, Ill have to pay for a parking pass for the weekend also. We had a great view of that area, as the cars came around from the International pit straight. Of all the Silverstone general admission tips on this page this is probably the #1 tip! There are a number of bars dotted around the site that will also be selling alcohol. Its just very scary making choices when you have never been there before, so I really appreciate this page and all of your support. As Ive said, I believe Vale is probably the best bet, especially for the picnic idea! Home silverstone general admission tips. Any chance you can tell me the numbers of the seats in Woodcote, cant find a plan of them anywhere?? Hi, Im looking at a grandstand seat <200 for Sunday of the British GP. About. he event programme will list the last re-entry times for each day. I was looking to go for a seating option but being undercover is not an issue. There will be a few cash machines dotted around the circuit, Sun cream (even if its not sunny it helps stop wind burn), Waterproof everything jacket / trousers / cagoule, even a waterproof rucksack (or cover) can help keep your belongings dry. Lucky man indeed. Totally agree with your choice in stands you may have to pay a little more though. Best view block wise you can suggest for action, podium perhaps (but more important is action) We will also be bringing 2 young, but well behaved children with us. Check out our Where to Sit Guide for more information. Youll have to be up early mind to secure one of the best spots. tins or plastic bottles of drinks (even alcohol) but no glass. Zeen is a next generation WordPress theme. I would look for either: International Pit Straight, Club Corner or Becketts (or Club Silverstone at Becketts for more facilities). I have booked Becketts, block2 O121,122 are these places any good. THURSDAY PIT WALK Silverstone is a great venue for general admission with lots of viewing areas and free entry to under 10's. Purchase individual tickets for Friday, Saturday or Sunday or get more value with a 3 day Friday to Sunday ticket. Portable radio with headphones so you can tune in to the 5 Live or Radio Silverstone (87.7FM) coverage of the race (PA system at the track isnt always loud or clear enough). Its quite a narrow area, but it gives you a great view of the cars being sucked to the ground through the incredibly fast Maggots and Becketts corners, followed by Chapel. Agree and Continue. Answer 1 of 3: Hi! Where would not involve walking to far from where the buses drop off and would be a good view? All help welcome. More on this in the sections below, including some outfit examples at the bottom of the page. The International Pit Straight is an area of the Silverstone circuit that is seeing constant development year after year. Youll also have the pit lane entrance in front of you and be close to the podium celebrations which are situated at club corner. (Child Under 16). Which would be the better option? For example I reckon this years GP weekend will cost about 300. I will take a bus or buy a park and ride ticket too. Ive never been to f1 race (so far watched only in TV) and this will be my first time. If you were just buying a Sunday general admission ticket where would you suggest you sit? Hi Kenny, Looks like its only a 3 day event this year (Fri Sun). It certainly is a great place to watch from Leighton! There is an offer on band 5:Luffield A, is this better then band 11 vale and band 11 Stowe, I was thinking about the cover too. with a GA ticket will I get a chance to sit down on an actual chair? This area is absolutely buzzing since the circuit revamp, and tickets always sell out months before the race. The view from Copsevery much mirrors the view of Abbey. #F1 #Bahrain Just to also this is a great site and very informative! Thank you for the response. hi ive been to a couple of grand prix venues both monza once and spa 3 times all 4 of those were general admission and the view were great can see my photos on my flickr page https://www.flickr.com/photos/52959851@N06/albums . These will come with a small cost. Farm Curve will allow you to see the car coming through the first turn at great speed, sweeping past you and then braking for Village and The Loop. First timer GP.. I'm just wondering where's the best view ideally to watch the racing.. we're going to head to hangar straight and becketts.. but expecting it to be very busy. Also check-out Beckets and Village. Hi Lee, Im sorry Im not aware of any larger seats, it might be worth checking with Silverstone direct. 2) There are a lot of complaints regarding queues to the bathroom (both men and women). You also said there are plenty of food available in the circuit. There will be numerous bars dotted around throughout the circuit which will be selling alcohol as well. Top tip is get in early, F1 fans no the best spots and arrive very early to get them! Hi I have just purchased tickets for next year 2017 in club corner block 1. As above, no glass bottles are allowed. The Vale section between Stowe and Club corner is massive and allows you to see the cars battle into the last few corners, as well as ducking onto the pit lane. Have you seen our Where to Sit Guide for Silverstone? Hi all the tickets are same price. Youll see the cars come down the Wellington Straight which is a DRS zone (designed for overtaking), as well as seeing the cars through Brooklands, Luffield, Woodcote and the National Pit Straight. 1 Vale corner. This website is unofficial and is not associated in any way with the Formula 1 companies. Where should I sit at Silverstone general admission? I agree its something weve spoken to the ticket providers about before. Sorry to say it looks like youre in for a fair walk. You can see where that is located here https://shop.silverstone.co.uk/PagesPublic/ProductBrowse/VisualSeatSelection.aspx?stadium=SR&product=MGPTBB&campaign=&type=H&productsubtype=MO15. GP3 qualifying is at 8:45 and F1 FP3 is 10:00 aim for one of those, and relax the rest of the day, hopefully in the sunshine. Scroll down to the General Admission tab on the following page and watch the YouTuve video there. I am visiting for the first time this year and have no idea what tickets to buy Im sure youve read on the guide it can be a real scramble to get the best spots. Hi I have received my tickets for the MotoGP 2015 race in August, I am sitting at Club Corner seat C 0251, could you tell if the letters run from top to bottom, or bottom to top as would like to know where about we will be siting, and is the stand just before the international pit straight or in front of it. 3, Vale is a good choice and you wont have a problem with going hungary! You can see down the the straight, but its limited. We will have a great time ;), staying on Woodlands campsite! This is the information from Silverston Instead plan to spend another couple of hours enjoying the live music, concerts and after parties. Youll be right near the podium too if theres a track invasion at the end. Hi. General Admission tickets at Silverstone are the cheapest way to get access to the Formula One British Grand Prix. Watching F1, playing tennis, or supporting Tottenham. Yes roaming is great for practices & qualifying. First timer GP.. I'm just wondering where's the best view ideally to watch the racing.. we're going to head to hangar straight and becketts.. but expecting it to be very busy. Wife, son and myself making our first trip to Silverstone in 2016 from US. Please come back and share your experiences after the race! You often see drivers running incredibly wide through this turn as they find the absolute limit of grip. Hi Just booked tickets for 2015. we are in the international pit straight IPS3B/K/0238 4) Please read our public transport info here: https://www.enterf1.com/british-grand-prix/public-transport. Weve been four years in a row now and this year was by far the best, We sat in woodcote last year which was brilliant but we decided to shell out a bit more and go for club corner this year. NEED HELP!!! These seats are the most expensive on the track, and understandably so. I am looking to go to my First GP at Silverstone. General Admission ticket holders offer roving facilities of all Grandstands on Fridays (except T1 and Village B Enclosures and Club Silverstone). Any advice on this would be greatly received, many thanks. Lots of threads about this already. How many do you need, 2? Thank you, my son is 18 and can not wait. all in all Silverstone is just an awesome track to be at during a Grand Prix. In your opinion is block 1 or block 2 better or does it not make much diffrence, Hi Marc, Block 2 is more popular than Block 1, We are going to f1 in July we have booked with uk breakaways and up graded to vale grandstand are these good seats please. Hi Simon, I am looking to book the package available for the 4 nights staying at the Snooze hotel with breakfast and evening meal. Or, the next option for just 20 each more we could get the option of either Copse A, B or C, or Stowe A, B or C, with Silver tickets. Because that was something we really wanted to see but werent sure whether you could or not! Is these better than booking national pits straight? My personal blog about healthy vegan eating, growing my own food, and moving toward self sustainability. In some ways its a frustrating corner for F1 drivers as it is low speed and is all about a clean exit onto the >National Pit Straight. In the current circuit configuration, it is the last corner before the start/finish line. I was just wondering if you know roughly when tickets for the race will go on sale, and the best time to jump in and book them. It works out that some have tickets for adults but not children an vice versa. In 2022, on the Friday and Saturday of the race weekend the entrance gates were open to spectators at 7.30am. My personal choice would be Farm Corner as it has a great view of the start. Look forward to hear your thoughts after! Whether youve chosen or are undecided, heres what view youll get from your seat. I'm just wondering where's the best view ideally to watch the racing.. we're going to head to hangar straight and becketts.. but expecting it to be very busy. hi, I am trying to pick the prefect spot for my husband and his father (surprise 50th and Christmas) to attend silver f1 2015, I was looking at Stowe A and B. unsure which was really better as they are quite far away from track but I liked that it was an overtaking corner. Hi Louise, Id recommend contacting the ticket re-seller to ask exactly where youll be seated. These are fine and there are some great views. Club Corner continues to be the fans favourite because you get to see the international straight, Club Corner, Vale the pity entry and the podium. We have seats Woodcote A 0147 & 0148. Are you only going for the race day or whole weekend? Hi James, I wasnt sure what pass I would get this yearbut they just arrived, it says I can access the SUPPORT EVENT PADDOCK, I think i had these two years ago and I was at Becketts, I remember being able to see a few corners from that spot! Hope you can help me to make up my mind. Ideally wed be positioned somewhere with a screen too! Ear plugs or ear defenders, especially for young kids, Small cushion (equally useful on grandstand seats), Refillable water bottle usually there are taps near the toilet areas. General Admission areas stretch all the way around the track. Did 2013 @ Farm Curve, were sat up top. This is for the race on Sunday or would it be better to buy seats in the stand. Hi Anthony, Please take a look at our Where to Sit Guide for Abbey. Would love to see some of your pictures if youre happy to share and maybe you could give us an insight to some of the best places infield! The second apex is much tighter than the first. This means you will have to get your steps in and walk around the circuit. I am booking for a weekend for hubbys 40th as a surprise. Im only going for race day with a GA ticket. Thanks. I watched the 2010 GP from Luffield. Woodcote is great choice! We only bought our tickets for general admission yesterday so a bit of a last minute thing! If your ticket is for one of these three areas youll see some excellent action. I have CC1 O seats. Its the first time of going & I want to get it right without completely breaking the bank, so am thinking of booking Bronze tickets. Would like to do Pit walk on Thursday, what is the best route from campsite? The National Pit Straight is the half way point of a lap of Silvestone, with the start and end being situated over on the International Pit Straight. The camp site has its own paths to the circuit, but you need to make your way to Club Corner gates 15 and 16 for entry to the pit walk. I just hope the boyfriend likes the big surprise.. Im looking to buy tickets for my hubby & 4 year old son for xmas for the 3 days as the price is much the same for just the 1 day. Im the same, taking my son to his first GP and my first time at Silverstone. Hi I want to take my hubby and maybe our children 5 & 3 to either F1 or MotoGP. The keenest of the F1 fans know exactly where to go and it will be difficult to beat them to the prime spots!! More on that below. -00:0029:26 The 2021 British Grand Prix is nearly upon us.